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Gone are the days where interior doors are merely made to be functional. Today, interior doors are a design element that pushes the limits of innovation & creativity!

Bartels Doors & Hardware has been servicing the design industry for over 20 years. Based in South Florida we locally service Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beach and all surrounding areas. In addition, we ship and install our interior doors within the US, Canada and Bahamas.

​ Our goal is to provide the luxury design market with the highest quality interior doors and interior door hardware. All interior door products are carefully curated from premium German manufactures and shipped from our German office to our showroom here in South Florida. The German manufactures we choose to represent have a proven quality standard that is aligned with the quality standards Bartels Doors & Hardware continues to stands for and refuses to compromise on.

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What Are The Different Interior Door Types?

Standard Edge Doors are the American "traditional" style door type. The interior door panel is flush with the door fame and have all concealed door hinges.

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European Edge interior doors are the standard European appearance, known as "rabbeted" edge. The door panel overlaps the frame, on the "room side", while the "hallway appearance" is the same as a "Standard Edge". The European Edge interior doors allow for less light and sound however, do not allow for a magnetic mortise.

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Flush to the wall interior doors offer a concealed casing. This ulta modern look can be used with standard 7 ft doors or full floor-to-ceiling". Particular construction consideration needs to be made when choosing this door type. Please call our team if you have questions!

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Pocket Doors offer a unique sliding door option, where the door slides on a track inside the wall. Particular construction consideration needs to be made when choosing this door type. Please call our team if you have questions!

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Modern Barn Doors available at Bartels are offered with a variety of hardware options and upgrade options. For basic quoting, we can provide a range based on your door panel details. For a more detailed quote we would need to know what hardware model you would want to purchase.

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Closet Doors can be either "Bi-Folding" or "Bi-Passing".

Bi-Folding: The doors fold "in half" in the middle to open

Bi-Passing: The doors sliding infront/behind each other on a track

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Separate your room in style. Incorporate usable surfaces to make the most of your unique space!

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