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MWE North America is an extension of MWE GmbH, based in Germany. MWE is a premium manufacture of interior door hardware, sliding door hardware and interior ladder systems. All MWE interior door and library ladder products are made of high-quality stainless steel and manufactured using a combination of superior craftsmanship and innovative technology. Each MWE product is hand completed to a standard 600-grit satin matte finish or hand polished. Creative finishes such as powder coating and PVD options are also available.

Modern Sliding Door Hardware - Barn Door Hardware - Miami - New York - San Francisco - Fort Lauderdale - Boca Raton -
Floor Mounted Sliding Door Hardware - Heavy Duty Sliding Door Hardware - Miami - New York - Palm Beach - Boca Raton
Modern Shower Door Hardware - Miami - Fort Lauderdale - New York - Palm Beach - Boca Raton
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Raumplus - Modern Sliding Doors

Raumplus, a family owned German company, made their first sliding door in 1986 and has only continued to bring creative interior sliding doors to the design industry. Their brand stands for intelligent and innovative solutions that strive to break the barriers of standard design. Raumplus is a company that that puts great focus on customer satisfaction and fulfilling their clients needs. 

Raumplus holds a mentality of maximum quality with minimum environmental impact. With every manufacturing step, Raumplus, makes constant effort to optimize material, packaging and energy consumption. To match Raumplus' sustainability efforts, Bartels ships all Raumplus products via sea freight to reduce emissions. 

Closet Doors & Room Dividers - South Florida - Miami - Custom - Fort Lauderdale - Boca Raon - Palm Beach
Custom Interior Sliding Doors - Miami - Fort Lauderdale - Boca Raton - Palm Beach - South Florida
Modern Interior Doors

ComTur Exclusive Doors is modern door manufacture that defies the rules of traditional doors and pushes boundaries. They can accommodate custom configurations and requirements to provide a comprehensive door concept that exceeds expectations.

ComTur was founded in 1919 by Martin Schutz, originally as a furniture and carpentry company. Today, they bring over 100 years of craftsmanship knowledge to your design project providing a door product that exquisite in every way.

Custom Interior Doors - Miami - Fort Lauderdale - South Florida - Palm Beach - Boca Raton - ComTur
Flush To The Wall Interior Doors - Concealed Frame Doors - Miami - Fort Lauderdale - Palm Beach - Boca Raton
Custom Pivot Doors - South Florida - Bartels - Miami - Palm Beach - Fort Lauderdale - Boca Raton - Custom Doors - Interior Doors
Interior Door Hardware

Hafele, a German manufacture of interior door hardware, was established in 1923 by 2 men - Adolf Hafele & Hermann Funk.  After over 30 years and many economic ups and downs, Hafele founded its first international subsidiary in 1960, located in Switzerland. Not long after, the transition to the United States began and Hafele America Co. is founded in 1973. By 1980, with their continued growth and proven quality, Hafele establishes locations in Great Britain, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Ireland, The Netherlands, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia and Japan. Today, Hafele is represented by its own subsidiary or sales team on every continent. 

Bartels Doors & Hardware is a proud to provide Hafele magnetic mortise boxes, modern concealed door hinges and other premium door hardware with our custom interior doors. 

Interior Door Lever Sets
FSB Modern Door Lever

FSB, a German manufacture of interior door handle hardware, was founded in 1881 by Franz Schneider. Originally a maker of antique-style cabinet hardware, Franz moved his company to Brakel Germany in 1909 and the name FSB was born.


Through their 139 years, FSB has exhibited a dedication to modernizing and optimizing production while keeping with the focus it was founded on, classic hardware made from premium materials "that last far longer than ought to be to their liking from a business economics point of view".


FSB hardware can be considered a work of modern art. The company partnered with Johannes Potente's in 1955 to create FSB 1051 - which to this day is still shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Modern Interior Door Hardware - Miami - Fort Lauderdale - New York - California - Houston - Palm Beach - Nashville
Interior Door Hardware - Miami - Fort Lauderdale - New York - FSB door hardware

Grauthoff Door Group is a family owned company, being managed by their second generation -  Wolfgang & Heinz Grauthoff. Grauthoff Door Group was established in 1956 and has grown rapidly to now operate out of three production facilities, all equipped with modern, industry leading, equipment. Their passion for doors is only second to their passion for their nearly 700 employees. Equipped with a qualified team, Grauthoff brings passion, experience and creativity to their interior door products. 

Modern Interior Doors - Miami - Fort Lauderdale - Boca Raton - Palm Beach
Modern Interior Doors - Miami - Ft. Lauderdale - Boca Raton
Interior Glass Doors

Erkelenz Glas is a German manufacture of premium glass doors. From start to finish Erkelenz produces all their glass "in-house". Choose from a wide range of glass imprint options from color, etching or even photo prints! Their production facility houses an ESG oven that melts ceramic colors to a vibrant and lasting color that is sure to impress.

Modern Shower Hardware
Interior Glass Doors
Custom Interior Glass Doors
Interior Door Closer

Dorma Kaba is a manufacture of interior door closers, based out of Germany. Dorma Kaba has a sales force in 130 contries and over 150 years of industry experience. With over 2,000 product and software patents, its not hard to fingure out why Dorma has sold over 150-million door closer since the product was brought to market in the 1950's.

Sliding Door Hardware
Pocket Door Hardware
Modern Interior Door Handles

Karcher Design, based in Germany, is a manufacture of beautifully designed interior door levers and pulls all with a contemporary, timeless design. Karcher Germany is located in Baden-Wuttemberg, also home to Mercedes Benz, Porshe and Audi, an area with a very long history of innovative industrial design. 

Karcher Design continues to explore innovated design and finish options in their in-house research and development facility. In March 2019, this dedication payed off for the 2nd year in a row, when they received the coveted "Red Dot Award" in Product Design (Materials & Surfaces) for their Comos Black finish.



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