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The Rise Of Modern

“The details are not the details, they are the design” - Charles Eames (Architect & Furniture Designer)

Making your mark in history is never easy. To be able to leave your design footprint you must be able to take the moments that make you feel alive and revive them, breathing new life into them; and setting the stage for your designs to inspire others. To prepare for the future, you must first turn to the past.

Modern architecture and design was developed in the late 20th century and became more popular after WWII. It first was a rebellion to the more classical design style used in the 19thcentury, and used new design materials such as glass and steel. This new and innovative design style was orchestrated by some of the world’s most brilliant minds in architecture from Frank Lloyd Wright, an American architect, to some of our German influences Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Walter Adolph Geog Gropius. These innovative thinkers, along with others, would unknowingly mold, shape and inspire the modern design movement, bringing it to the clean, sleek and luxurious look it is today.

Unlike past design movements, the modern movement is full of clean lines, vibrant colors and elegant simple designs. The beautiful combination of natural materials, such as wood, paired with glass and steel provide a finished product that simply cannot be ignored. The modern look has inspired and produced some of the world’s most gorgeous and profound buildings, giving the modernist movement firm footing in the design community

Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus- Senftenberg (Photo: Wikimedia) Cottbus, Germany

This design style, once only thought of in statement architecture, has developed into a full movement bringing designers and homeowners together. Something as simple as an interior door is now a statement piece. Something once thought of as a rustic interior barn door has been re-envisioned into a modern barn door with stainless steel hardware. Interior doors are no longer being thought of as boring. Bi-fold interior doors and modern sliding pocket doors are being added to bring modern flare. Something as simple as walking into your closet has become as much of a reflection of your style, as the wardrobe inside.

With Spring upon us, Elle Décor is getting everyone ready for pops of color! All hues of green from bright limes and refreshing earthly tones, to dazzling shades of aqua are expected to shine in residential and commercial décor in 2017. Just in time for this new trend Sherwin Williams has partnered with Pottery Barn to create the West Elm Collection”. This new earthy collection features colors such as “oceanside” and kind green” to appeal to the classic idea of “going green”.

Featured below is a modern twist on a barn door. This design is showcasing a solid cherry wooden barn door, complimented with a curved pull bar, leading into modern home office space. This sliding interior barn door feature allows a peak into a great incorporation of Pantone’s 2017 color of the year.

Using decorative interior barn doors, shades of this versatile color are also being paired with stainless steel sliding barn door hardware, to create an inspirational environment. This classic look is proving to show that interior barn doors for homes will stand the test of time.

“Design is thinking…Made visual” - Saul Bass (American graphic designer & Academy Award-winning filmmaker)

New and exciting things are always happening in the world of Modern Design!

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Want to read more on how the modern design movement has evolved? Check out a great article written by Steven Randel,

entitled “Roots of Style: The Birth of Modern Architecture”

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