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Going Green

The “Green Movement” gained momentum back in 2008; to bring attention to the growing concerns that manufacturing has on our environment. However, the movement started almost 40 years ago when an Idaho senator and a group of young, passionate, organizers brought together approximately 20 million Americans across 2,000 U.S. communities. On April 22, 1970, the “The Green Movement” began with the planting of trees and cleaning up of parks to spread awareness for their cause. We now recognize this day, each year, by naming April 22nd “Earth Day”.

It is no secret that people are passionate about their views on global warming. Because of the protests and constant dedication to bring awareness, it has brought about big changes in how some companies manufacture their products. There are now a wide range of environmentally conscious seals a company can earn by dedicating time and effort to this cause.

Three of our manufactures for modern doors & hardware, FSB and Grauthoff and MWE, manufacture quality stainless steel door hardware and modern interior doors while being conscious of world around them.

FSB, a German based company, has been making strong efforts to “go green” for over 20 years. Not only does FSB have an internal department that thoroughly monitors the company’s footprint, throughout their product manufacturing, but also considers how that product can eventually be recycled. In addition, the company operates their facility under LEEDS guidelines and has been given EPD (Environmental Product Declarations) on over 25,000 of their products.

Grauthoff, a German based Modern Interior Door manufacture, is focused on sustainability and ecology in all aspects of manufacturing. It’s dedication starts by its awareness of CO2 gases and follows through to its use of water based paint.



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