Interior Door Upgrades

Solid Core
Interior Door

The standard core of all Bartels interior doors are what we call a "tublar core". This can be upgraded to be an solid core interior door if you prefer it. The type of solid core depends on the interior door manufacture.

Solid Core Inerior Door

A solid core interior door from ComTur Exclusive Doors features solid wood strategically placed so the grains of the wood face different directions. Why? This is so when the door flexes due to heat and humidity that the wood flexes in different directions, reducing the risk of a bowed interior door.

Solid Core Interior Door by

Solid Core Interior Door

Solid Core Interior Door by


A solid core interior door from Grauthoff features an engineered core. The solid core of a Astra or HGM infor the flex due to heat and humidly to expand at ease.

Interior Door Closer
Concealed Interior Door Closer

The concealed interior door closer is manufactured by premium German hardware manufacturer,DORMA KABA. Available in multiple finish options, the concealed door closer can be purchased by itself or added into your interior door package.

When purchased as an upgraded feature to a Bartels interior door pacakge, the concealed door closer will be routed in and installed by the door manufacture. 


Drop Down Seal
for Interior Doors
Drop Down Seal For Interior Doors

A drop down seal can be added to all interior doors available at Bartels Doors. The drop down seal is a feature that closes the gap at the bottom of your interior door. This helps with light, air flow and sound reduction. 

If you are looking for additional protection, we also offer drop down seals that protect against fire, smoke and water!

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Horizontal Veneer
for Interior Doors
Modern Inerior Door

A horizontal real wood veneer adds a truly unique look to your custom interior doors. Choose from a wide range of real wood veneers and just let our sales team know - you want the grain to be "horizontal"


Modern Interior Door With Horizontal Wood Veneer
Extra Wide
Interior Doors

Sometimes you need more pass through space! That's not a problem when ordering custom interior doors at Bartels. A custom width up to 48" wide can be accommodated.


Glass Inserts
for Interior Doors
Modern Interior Door With Glass Insert
Interior Door With Smoked Glass Insert
Interior Door With Glass Inserts
Modern Interior Door With Glass

Interior doors with glass inserts add another element of style! Glass inserts are done slightly different depending on the interior door manufacture. 

Interior door manufacture, ComTur, inserts the glass during the manufacturing process. The glass panel is slid in from the bottom as one piece, then sealed. The frame around the glass is seamless with no raised edges.

Interior door manufacture, Grauthoff (Astra - HGM), uses a molding feature to seal in the glass inserts. The glass inserts for Astra & HGM interior doors are supplied separate from the interior door panels and inserted into place at the time of installation. The molding is then applied to secure the glass in place.

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Line Art Designs
for Interior Doors
Modern Interior Door
Custm Interior Doors
Modern Interior Doors

Add you own personal "flare" to your interior doors. Add line art accents to all flush interior doors, Standard American Style interior doors and rabbeted edge (European) interior doors.

The line art might appear differently depending on the interior door frame style you use. For example, the metal line art (right) would be routed into the door and flush to the touch if used with a real wood veneer finish. If you choose a premium laminate finish, the modern line art would be raised as to not split the laminate.

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