Gift Wrap Your Space

“Why fit in, when you were born to stand out” – Dr. Seuss

When you were a child, at your birthday party, the best time for you was when you got to open gifts! You sat down and quickly scanned the stack of boxes, bows and ribbon until you picked the best one to open first. Did you pick the one that was wrapped up in newspaper or the one that was wrapped up in brightly colored paper adored with a matching bow and cascading ribbon? While the one wrapped in newspaper undoubtingly contains a toy worth noting, that isn’t the one that catches your eye. As you bring the eye-catching box closer, you are noticing the shape of the box and running through the possibilities of what might be inside. You quickly slide off the bow, pull the tape apart from the corners and push the wrapping paper off to the side. What lies before you is an exciting new gift that you can’t wait play with.

Doors, while seeming insignificant, offer a unique opportunity each time they are approached. They are the gift wrap that beautifully covers the world of opportunities that await you on the other side. How will you choose to gift wrap your room?

We, at Bartels, have an immense appreciation for modern design and architecture. Throughout our blogs you will find us engaging with design professionals and becoming inspired by new interior design trends while we celebrate the world of doors in modern architecture.


While we begin to immerse ourselves in the dazzling world of modern design we start by taking a peek into our own showroom, to see how some of our own pieces have provided stunning entry ways into some of the world’s most luxurious spaces. These German manufactured masterpieces are timeless, classic works of art that brilliantly marry a client’s modern style with functionality and pristine craftsmanship. 

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We start by taking a look at our Flush-to-the-wall door systems. With its seamless flow from the wall to the door, paired with hidden hinges they are the perfect illustration of modern minimalism.  As shown in the photo featured, the floor to ceiling door option provides a statement of sophistication as you are ushered into this modern home office space. The bold black door, with sleek stainless steel door hardware, is complimented with the wavy back sofa similar to what you might find offered at Nella Vetrina, in their Alter Ego sofa style.  The modern glass coffee table, comparable to Horchow’s Constance Noire Acrylic Coffee Table, provides the perfect finishing piece to this meeting space.

Nothing catches your eye quite like German Edge door systems. These custom modern doors are crafted with the European standard overlapping frame with exposed door hinges. German Edge Doors give an entry way a relaxed modern feel as it guides you into the next room. These doors are perfect for pathways leading into a space where you want to de-stress from the chaotic world around you. Featured in this luxurious bathroom, the German Edge Door closes off the world behind you; leaving you to relax in an over-sized soaking tub, that even Kohler would be proud of, thus allowing you to let all your worries go down the drain.

Modern Interior Barn Doors provide a unique experience. Unlike traditional doors that allow you to steal a peak into what lies before you, a rolling barn door system gives you an emerging view. As you confidently slide the door, the modern barn door hardware, effortlessly glides across the track.  As you continue to pull, you are filled with undeniable anticipation as the space before you begins to emerge.  The door comes to a softly guided stop and you are presented with a space, possibly similar to the one shown below, a space where even Prada shoes are slipped off before waltzing in.


Sometimes the stomach tingling, glee evoking excitement is just too much for some people, and surprises aren’t for them. For that group of people, we have interior glass door systems. Modern Interior Glass sliding barn doors provide a hint of what waits for them. For instance, a welcoming site of plush pillows and soft bedding as they beckon you from your bathroom after a long day. As they stand on the outside looking in, the space before them glimmers back encouraging them to step inside. Whether they swing open, like traditional interior doors or you have a desire for sliding glass pocket doors, you will never have to sit back and ponder what exciting space lies before you.


“Ambition is putting a ladder in the sky” – Proverb

Rolling library ladders, while not doors, offer their own realm of possibilities. With each step, you are getting closer to something originally put out of reach. Whether you are reaching for your favorite book to dive into world of adventure, or digging out your Grandmother’s cookbook to make the perfect recipe, interior ladders glide smoothly around every corner of the room and give you the boost you need.  They, quite literally, bring a lift to any space.


Moder Interior Library Ladders

We welcome you into our world of wonder, a world full of potential. A world where color is celebrated and frosting isn’t reserved for cupcakes, but for glass. A place where the opportunity to gift wrap every room is knocking with every door, all you must do is open it, walk though and be determined to stand out. 


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