Modern Door Handles, Hinges & Locks: Hinges & Magnetic Mortise – Wood Doors

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Mortise lock

Magnetic Mortise Door Lock

For interior and exterior doors, usable on the right and left, 116 1/2 for rebated doors and flush doors

For this lock, the latch is flush with the lock face plate when the door is open. When the door is closed, the latch is drawn into the frame part by a magnet. Due to this, the latch cannot strike the frame profile and a quieter and smoother closing process of the door is the result.

  • 72 mm distance, 8 mm spindle square (WE = 78 mm)
  • Easy to clean, since there is no protruding latch
  • With escutcheon holes/preparation
  • Closes quietly
  • Flush, high-quality appearance
  • Low wear since the latch no longer strikes the frame profile
  • Maintenance-free since the latch bevel does not need to be lubricated