Doors and hardware have been largely overlooked design features just waiting for an opportunity to shine. Bartels demonstrates that modern doors have transitioned from mere passageways into artistic elements. When it comes to modern doors, we define the space.


Known for being the industry trend setter and implementing the most cutting-edge technology, Bartels offers complete customization and tailoring options for each project. This affords pros the unique ability to put their own design fingerprint on each and every door they help to create.



Doors have come a long way from their basic objective of simply separating one space from another. With your input and working alongside your trade professional, our expert team can put together an exciting plan for your home. Making an entrance has never been easier!



Bartels Doors & Hardware has forged a distinct creative footprint in the modern door movement. Meticulous attention to detail coupled with unparalleled German engineering continues to earn cred in the design industry. Visit Bartels. We’re located in South Florida in Dania Beach, conveniently between Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

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